We’re accepting your submissions until November 1st.

What we’re looking for

Fantasy (dark, epic, urban, and anything in between), science fiction, thrillers, and suspense. If you’re asking yourself where horror is on the list, well, we’ve been getting a lot of horror lately. We want to give other genres a chance this time. If you have something horror related that can fit on one of the other categories, we won’t turn it down.

Submissions can be funny, sad, dark, scary, whatever.

We will accept novellas 20,000 – 39,999 words.

We will accept novels 40,000 – 130,000 words.

We will consider short story collections, but our preference is for complete novels and novellas.

We will consider books that were previously published, either by you or another publisher.

We will consider a series starter or a trilogy starter.

What we don’t want

Torture of animals or children.

Erotica, BDSM, or hardcore violence/gore (i.e. splatterpunk).

Caveats to the above:

– Some sex (non-graphic) and violence is alright by us, but it should not be taken to the extreme or be intended to glorify a character inflicting pain and suffering on another person.

– If there is rape, abuse, or incest in your manuscript, we won’t exclude your manuscript from consideration, but we ask that the incident in question is somehow a formative past experience for the character or makes sense in the course of the narrative.

– Flashbacks in which rape, abuse, or incest are described in detail may be acceptable, as long as the scene does not glorify the character’s suffering or the act itself.

– Scenes in which a current rape, abuse, or act of incest are described in detail should also follow the above criteria.

What we want when you submit your work

Send us up to the first 5,000 words of your manuscript as an email attachment. It can span a couple chapters. Just do us a favor and stop your submission at a logical place, not in the middle of a sentence.

We only accept .doc and .docx formats.

The submission MUST be in standard manuscript form (see this page if you’re unclear as to what this means:

Your submission email MUST include the following (we recommend copying and pasting this list into your email):

– Your legal name

– Your pen name (if applicable)

– The title of your submission

– The genre of your submission

– Approximate word count of the full manuscript (not your submission)

– A synopsis of the book (all of it, not leaving out the ending) between 400 and 500 words

– Are there scenes that may trouble some readers (depictions of abuse, rape, incest, acts of terrorism, etc.)? Let us know whether they are included in the submission or if they occur later in the full manuscript.

– Are you submitting a series or trilogy starter? Tell us if you’ve written the other books yet and where you see the series going.

– Are you submitting a work that was previously published (includes indie published/self-published)? Please tell us whether you published the book yourself or it was published by another publisher (the rights must have reverted back to you prior to your submitting the work to us), and why you are now seeking to have it published by us.

What you should know BEFORE you submit your work to us

If your submission does not include all of the information we requested above, it is not properly formatted, is riddled with grammatical or spelling errors, or it falls well outside the genre parameters we set, we will discard your submission. No exceptions without prior written permission from us.

We are a very small publisher still, so we are not able to offer advances at this time.

We will offer you a fair and competitive royalty percentage on every sale of your book. We don’t do different royalties for ebook versus print, etc. You will get one royalty percentage, regardless of the format your book is sold in.

All contracts will be for print, electronic, and audio publishing rights.

All contracts will include editing, formatting, covers, marketing, etc. done by us. A book’s success is helped by the enthusiasm of its author, but don’t think you’re going to be promoting it alone. We’ll be right there with you.

Where to send your submission

Send us an email with the subject line “Open Call for Manuscripts – Fall 2017”, along with your attached submission to