Current Open Calls

This is a short one, folks, and VERY limited. We’re only accepting submissions until October 20th.

What’s this an open call for?

We’re doing a horror and horror comedy only collection consisting of some of the favorite stories we’ve published over the years, and we want to sprinkle some new pieces in to the mix. We’re calling this one Chills and Giggles.

We’re only taking three (3) new stories.

What we’re looking for

Horror or horror comedy (a la Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead, and the like).

Submissions can be dark, scary, hilarious.

Word count limit is 2,000.

Payment is $0.03 per word.

What we don’t want

Torture of animals or children.

Erotica, BDSM, or hardcore violence/gore (i.e. splatterpunk).

Some sex and violence is alright by us, but nothing should be intended to glorify the pain and suffering of another person.

What we want when you submit your work

Send us your manuscript as an email attachment.

We only accept .doc and .docx formats.

The submission MUST be in standard manuscript form (see this page if you’re unclear as to what this means:

Your submission email MUST include the following (we recommend copying and pasting this list into your email):

– Your legal name

– Your pen name (if applicable)

– The title of your submission

– The word count

**If your submission does not include all of the information we requested above, it is not properly formatted, it is riddled with grammatical or spelling errors, or it falls well outside the genre parameters we set, we will discard it. No exceptions.**

Where to send your submission

Send us an email with the subject line “Open Call for Stories – Chills and Giggles”, along with your attached submission to