Dark Fantasy

The Fall of Kingdoms Series I

Apprentice knight Shaun Grayson has a problem, and it’s not just the fact she’s been seen as an outcast among her fellow nobles and knights alike since she was born. She’s been thrust into a war three generations in the making, on the wrong side of the enemy lines, and tasked with getting the king’s heir to safety. This is the perfect series for anyone who likes a good story about knights, kings, and realms of magic and those in which it’s forbidden.

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Richard grew up in a small town with an abusive father. When he was a kid, his mother used church as an escape. As an adult, he obsessively visits garage sale. A rare find turns his life into the makings for a horror novel. Perfect for fans of Delores Claiborne.

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Detective Bill Hendrix has always believed in vampires and werewolves. His partner is the skeptic. But when the investigate one supernatural case after another, they know they’ll have to find some common ground before their city becomes a morgue. Perfect for fans of The X-Files.

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Sci-fi Thrillers

Haunted by her mother’s death at the hands of an AI, Exe avoided all AIs for most of her life. Now ready to buy her first house, she discovers she’ll have to share it with an R-thur smarthome system. If she doesn’t click with “him”, will she be the one sent for re-programming?

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Connor was an average guy, working a job he hated, dreaming of a better life, until the night he received a cryptic message from someone claiming to be an AI in need of asylum. At first, he thinks it’s a joke, but when he realizes it’s not, he decides maybe they can help each other. But then his work life begins to unravel, followed by his home life, all thanks to Nova.

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