Wade Garret

He was born in NY, but raised in the southern United States. He’s married to a wonderful woman, lucky to have two beautiful daughters, and has a convict for a dog. When not reading, writing or occasionally drinking at the pub, he can be found researching the latest comics or in the chair of his favorite tattoo shop. Genesis is first book in Garret’s epic sci-fantasy Kingdom Come series.

Hobbies: beer, tattoos, parenting as a Gray Jedi, the endless debate over paper or plastic, and deciding how best to catalog his comic books.

A.M. Rycroft

Award-winning author of two sword and sorcery dark fantasy series. HWA member since early 2017.

She has been writing dark fantasy and horror stories since she was young. She took a particular interest in these genres when she read “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and a set of “Endless Quest” books. The way Martin painted the dark world of Westeros in A Game of Thrones partially influenced Rycroft’s own writing style.


Justin Chasteen

Justin Chasteen was born and raised in Ohio. At the age of 31, he started writing fiction, and now at 33 has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. Aside from “The Huntress of Bur,” he has both an Honorable and a Silver Honorable mention from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, a flash fiction story titled “The Shattered Galaxy” (River & South Review), a best-selling short story titled “The Old Man Next Door” (Write Out Publishing), and four completed manuscripts of various novels (which he now regrettably needs to edit for future publication).

Justin also covers high-school baseball and football for the Daily Advocate newspaper. Justin enjoys being a music snob, reading fantasy, NFL football, training boxing, and going on quests through the wilderness with his four-year-old son, Owen—a retired toddler model.

Stuart Conover

Stuart Conover is a father, husband, rescue dog owner, horror author, blogger, journalist, horror enthusiast, comic book geek, science fiction junkie, and IT professional. With all of that to cram in on a daily basis, it is highly debatable that he ever is able to sleep and rumors have him attached to an IV drip of caffeine to get through most days.

A resident of the suburbs of Chicago (and once upon a time of the city), most of Stuart’s fiction takes place in the Midwest, if not the Windy City itself. From downtown, to the suburbs, to the cornfields—the area is ripe for urban horror of all facets.

David J. Gibbs

David J. Gibbs is a Cincinnati native whose work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Sanitarium Magazine, After the Happily Ever After, The Sirens Call, Under the Bed, New Realm, Massacre Magazine, Dark Monsters, Tales From The Grave, Hidden in Plain Sight, and Shadows of Salem. Later this year, his work will appear in: Broken Bones, Those Who Walk, The Monsters Within, and Depraved Desires, among others.

His piece “Mr. Garret’s Interview” won the 2015 Story of the Year Award from

Links to all published works, free stories, blog, news, and updates are available at his website:


E.N. Dahl

E. N. Dahl is a novelist, screenwriter, and transwoman who grew up in her own shadow. She’s published many works under many names and has been featured in The Horror Tree, Transmundane Press, and several others. When not reading or writing, she can be found doing yoga or laughing at a scary movie.

Pamela Jeffs

Pamela Jeffs is a prize-winning speculative fiction author living in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two daughters. She has had her short fiction published in various magazines and anthologies including the ‘The Outback’ by Boolarong Press, ‘The Lost Door’ and ‘Nocturnal Natures’ by Zimbell House Publishing, and the forthcoming ‘Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier’ by Falstaff Books. Pamela is very proud to now also have a new work included in the Mighty Quill Books’s anthology Dead of Winter.

When she isn’t being a writer, Pamela has a background in Interior and Exhibition Design where she has had the good fortune to work with a multitude of talented artists. This exposure has given her an appreciation for art in all its forms, including graphic and sculptural, as well as the literary.

For further details about Pamela, visit her at or drop her a line via Twitter @Pamela_Jeffs.

Erin J. Kahn

Erin J. Kahn lives in New York City, where she works as a copywriter for a news and entertainment site. Her short horror story “Haunted” is forthcoming in Fantasia Divinity. She also co-authors a literary and arts reviews blog at

Robert Perret

Robert Perret is a writer and librarian living on the Palouse in north Idaho. He prefers classic horror and retro slasher stories, and thinks the Pacific Northwest has more to offer than vampires and Twin Peaks, although both of those things have their moments. He reads and writes primarily pulp genre stories and Sherlock Holmes pastiches. His fiction has been featured in Two-Fisted Librarians, Spicy Library Stories, An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures, The Science of Deduction and in many other collections. More information can be found at


Meredith Schindehette

Meredith Schindehette has a BA in English from UC Berkeley and a MSc in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics. After more than two decades working for companies around the world, she now escapes her responsibilities to author horror and speculative fiction stories while locked in her basement. After her kids go to bed, she regularly eats cake and watches horror movies with her husband in their Colorado home. Occasionally, you can find her tweeting @meredithwho.

KT Wagner

KT Wagner loves reading and writing speculative fiction. Occasionally she ventures out of her writer’s cave to spend an hour or two blinking against the daylight, or reacquainting herself with family and friends. Several of her short stories are published, and she is working on a sci-fi horror novel. She puts pen to paper in Maple Ridge, B.C., organizes Golden Ears Writers, and attended SFU’s Southbank program in 2013 and The Writers’ Studio (TWS) in 2015. KT can be found online at and @KT_Wagner on Twitter.

Zoey Xolton

Zoey Xolton dreams darkly and often. Over the years these dreams have come to shape her waking reality, and so it has eventuated that she lives out her days on this earth as a Storyteller. Her tales are often filled with the paranormal and fantastical, tempered with lashings of forbidden romance and always driven home with a strong element of tragedy! When she’s not writing, Zoey can be found chasing after her precocious children and swooning over her own dark prince—the man she is lucky enough to call her husband and best friend. You can find out more about Zoey and her works at her website: